About Me


As you can probably tell, my name is Andre Forestal, Jr. (Dre) and I play the bass guitar.  I am not a great story teller, but I love to answer questions...So, here are things about me that you may need to know

Dre’s Q&A

So…what do you do, Dre?

Well, I make a living as a Network Engineer (unsure of what that is, I'll be happy to explain, just ask); But I am also a musician.

What do you play?

…my main instrument is the bass guitar but I also play some keys…

Is it a ‘big bass’, i.e. the acoustic bass?

…no, I play the electric bass, mostly a 6 string version to be precise. I do want to own a double-bass though...I think 2016 is the year for that...we'll see.

Did you study music?

No, I have not formally studied music (ie. didn't go to school for it...remember I am network geek right???).  I was a self-starter when I was 16 years old.  Over the years, I've been taught by many teachers and have attended camps and seminars.  Over the past 2-3 years, I've been studying privately with Justin Raines, principal bassist for multiple Grammy awards winning artist Israel Houghton and New Breed.

Are you in a band?

Yes, I play with the MisUnderstanding.  It's a trio with my two very long time friends: Granville Mullings on Drums & EJ Hammond(his real name is classified)  on Keys.  We mostly play Jazz, but we do play everything really...I also play with the Trevor Exter Band, a NYC based corporate entertainment band managed by Star Rock Productions

But I also play for some other folks on a regular basis...(see next question) and oh, I play weekly at my home church Glory Light Tabernacle

Have you played with anyone famous?

[my least favorite question because it might as well be ‘are you any good, i.e. good enough to have played with anyone famous:-)]

I have certainly performed with many amazing musicians over the years…some of them you may have heard of, some of them you may have not… this doesn’t matter to me…great music and musicianship matters to me…If you must know, I do play for recording artists Yonette Odessa (Y.O.) and Richie Righteous.  Have I "shared a stage" with anyone "famous"? well if we must travel that path, then yes: Richie RighteousYonette Odessa (Y.O.), Lynn CiFuentes, Victor Wooten, Joseph Wooten, Regi Wooten, JD Blair, Derico Watson

Do you teach?

Well that's a great question.  I love to share knowledge.  It's been said you'll know when you've fully understand something when you can explain it to someone else.  I have found this to be true and I have found by sharing my knowledge with others, it challenges me to master it myself.  As time permits, I do work with other bass players to share the little knowledge I've acquired over the years.  

Are you qualified to teach?

Do I have a degree in music? No; Do I know all there is to know about music? No;  Do I have very unique experiences that I can share with others? Yes!!!  I believe by sharing these experiences with another musician, who knows, I may help them become a better musician.  


My Process

So, you'd like to work me with on your next project? Sure!
What do you need me to do?

LIVE performance:
Fill out my contact form and indicate the event's date & location and I will reply with availability.  Then I'll need a full set list (charts for special arrangements or if they are not available - I can create my own) so I can be ready for your first rehearsal...

Studio Session:
I am fully capable of doing recording sessions at home.  Kindly fill out my contact form with your information and I will follow up.  I will need full Pro-tools session (if available) or at the very least a Bass-less version of your track and I'll get to work.

See? Simple...

My Gear
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